Special Release Barrel Aged India Pale Ales

“This very rare, barrel-aged and bottle-conditioned beer is based on Samuel Allsopp's original India Pale Ale recipe of 1822, but with a twist I'm sure he would approve of. Following the primary fermentation half the beer was aged in bourbon casks and half in whisky casks. They rested there for almost a year. This fine brew was then introduced to the bottles, with some yeast, to allow a secondary conditioning process. All of this care, time and passion has introduced complex flavours to the beer, from the spirit soaked oak to the bottle conditioning.”

Jamie Allsopp

Jamie, seven-time great grandson of Samuel Allsopp, recently found the only remaining original ledger containing authentic Allsopp recipes. With a mission to uphold the brand’s 300-year-old legacy, he has used these to brew the Special Release India Pale Ales.

Allsopp’s introduces the Special Release India Pale Ale, Barrel Aged in Bourbon and the Special Release India Pale Ale, Barrel Aged in Whisky. The rare ales are presented in a heavy, wax-sealed 75cl bottle with labels based on the famous original India Pale Ale, making them premium beers quite unlike any other.

Only 150 of each have been produced and only 15 are for sale.