• Allsopp's Pale Ale

    Our Allsopp’s forbears dedicated themselves to perfecting this balanced, golden-hued, enduringly drinkable Pale Ale. And perfect it they did. We’re happy to share this crisp, sessionable and refreshing contemporary take on our classic.

  • Allsopp's India Pale Ale

    The Original India Pale Ale. Samuel Allsopp was the first to perfect Burton India Pale Ale in 1822. Some 200 years later, Allsopp & Sons invite you to savour this faithful recreation of the complex, beguiling, original IPA.

  • Allsopp's Pilsner

    In the 1890’s Allsopp’s pioneered lager brewing in the UK. Percy Allsopp travelled the globe to find the best ingredients for his visionary new beer. Unfortunately, Allsopp’s Pilsner was launched before refrigeration became widely available and didn’t catch on. We knew it would eventually, so we have unfinished business with our “Wee Yella.” 


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The History of the Hand

Learn more about the history behind the distinctive Allsopp's Red Hand logo. From when it was first registered as a trademark, to where it originated from.

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The strongest beer ever made? Well, in 1845 anyway.   
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The History of Percy's Pilsner

Burton on Trent beer historian, Ian Webster, describes the origin story of Burton lager beer. The city was an important part of brewing history, but the use of lager yeast was revolutionary and it would soon spread around the world. So where does Allsopp’s Lager fit into the story?
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The Relaunch

Almost 300 years after our first brew, Allsopp's back. We've dusted off the old recipe books to reclaim our exceptional beers. But who's behind it?
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The UK's First Beer Laboratory

In the 18th Century, Allsopp's beer sales exploded, not only in Burton but around the world. Exploded quite literally...
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Burton and Its Bitter Beer (1853)

John Stevenson Bushnan writes his account of Samuel Allsopp meeting Mr Marjoribanks. The meeting that changed history...
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The Early Days

Burton upon Trent was known as the Brewing Capital of the World, but where did it all start?
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The Collapse

By 1890 Allsopp's was producing 460,000 barrels of beer a year with a workforce of 1,750. So where did it all go wrong?
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"Is this the Indian Beer?" - Part Two

The history doesn't end there. Burton beer historian Ian Webster continues the India Pale Ale origin story...
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